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The easier less stressful lessons

Read the advantages of driving an automatic car

Automatic Driving Instruction - Driving The Cars

medium micra 235Automatic driving lessons are far easier and less stressful than manual ones, especially when you consider the high volumes of traffic on our roads these days. You are able to devote all your concentration on the road ahead and keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times, while the car takes care of the "awkward" parts such as which gear to choose and not stalling! You just have the fun bits - steering, stopping and accelerating. In short, you get a quick pass and enjoyable lessons with Automatic Driving Instruction.

Automatic Driving Lessons - standard pass or quick pass?

Because driving an automatic car is easier - learning to drive one is easier too! You will reach test standard much sooner and spend less of your hard earned cash in the process.

I offer specially tailored Automatic Driving Instruction courses to suit individual requirements, according to your needs and abilities. For some people one hour tuition weekly with the prospect of reaching test standard in a few months is quite enough. On the other hand maybe you just want to "get on with it" and take longer sessions, maybe 2 or 3 times a week with a pre-booked test date to keep you motivated, with the goal in sight is what you are looking for. Maybe the answer for you lies somewhere in between. I will discuss this with you during the initial lesson, and you will have the chance to actually drive an Automatic car and discuss your needs. If you don't like what you see and hear you won't be expected to pay for the lesson under the terms of our exclusive "Money back guarantee". Even if you have never driven before you will be able to see just how easy it all is. If you have, you will soon wonder why you bothered with manual car lessons in the first place.

Automatic Driving Instruction - The Benefits

  • No clutch or gears to worry about
  • Easy control of steering and just 2 pedals - Stop and Go
  • Greater Confidence - No stalling or wrong gear selection
  • Less Stress and Expense - A quicker and easier test pass
  • Modern automatics can also be driven manualy
  • Modern Automatics are as fast and economical as manuals