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  • Value for money automatic driving lessons, tailored to individual needs

  • Stress free, enjoyable automatic driving lessons, given with respect, patience and understanding

  • Sympathetic automatic driving lessons for people from all backgrounds, including those to whom English is not their first language.

  • An EXCEPTIONALLY high pass rate with automatic driving lessons.

  • Automatic Driving lessons given on all types of roads including various rural, urban & motorways, we include practice on official DVSA test routes in your local or chosen area for familiarisation purposes as your practical test approaches.

  • Assessment lessons with costing estimates

  • Mock tests prior to the real thing!

  • Full tuition on the new INDEPENDENT DRIVING test requirement

  • We are “Pass Plus” registered with the DVLA. This advanced driver training can significantly reduce insurance costs.

Driving Lesson


Employing a driving instructor is rather like hiring a Lawyer, Accountant or Tradesperson.  You never quite know what you are getting until you’ve tried the service. We always recommend that you take an assessment lesson with us of no more than a 1 hour duration initially. You can make your own mind up then, and we can assess how many lessons you are likely to need to get to test standard. Here are a few points for you to consider when deciding whether to give us a try:


*16 years experience as a Driving Instructor

*An exceptionally high pass rate

*Enjoyable lessons, always carried out in a patient and friendly way

*Positive testimonials from previous pupils (see our Testimonial section)

*Simon is a DVLA approved driving instructor

*We are certified Driving Instructor Association (DIA) members)

*DIA membership includes

£20 million public liability

and £5 million professional indemnity insurance cover.

*Learn Driving in 3D Manual available for study between lessons

*Lessons conducted at individual pupils pace - no pressure.

*New skills fully briefed at roadside, followed by Guidance

and Prompts until you are independent.

*Full office backup

so the instructor will NOT be distracted by phone calls during lessons.

automatic 9.jpeg


  • Light hearted and enjoyable

  • Carried out on official DVSA test routes in you own chosen area

  • Always drawn directly from the DVSA approved syllabus

Your Instructor will always be:

  • Calm, patient, friendly and mature

  • Fully DVSA qualified with top grading

  • 100% dedicated to you and your needs

  • Understanding and supportive and NEVER aggressive


  • Hourly Lessons

  • Keyworker Training

  • Fast Pass Intensive Courses

  • Refresher Lessons

  • Individual Assessed Courses Tailored To Each and Every Pupil

Why Book With Us?: Lessons
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